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Rave reviews for Aaron in 'Orphans'
  17 April, 2015

Aaron has turned in a "magnificent performance" as Phillip in Lyle Kessler's modern masterpiece, ORPHANS which had it's opening night this week. Suzy Goes See was there to review the show and here's what she had to say.

"Aaron Glenane turns in a magnificent performance as the younger brother, Phillip. The actor is marvelously nuanced in his intensity, expressing with great efficacy an exhaustive range of psychological possibilities and physical attributes, completely captivating in a beautifully embellished characterisation of damaged innocence. Glenane’s approach is adventurous and playful, but also sensitive and studied. He understands chemistry instinctively, and fosters a strong bond with colleagues and audience that keeps us invested in Phillip’s plight."

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"Aaron Glenane is just as powerful as Phillip, perfectly balanced with Henry’s performance. Glenane’s portrayal emphasises the character’s fear and desperation to escape from the world his brother has created. He’s also given the character some strong vocal and physical idiosyncrasies, which only serve to engender even more sympathy from the audience."

"It's rough, unpretentious, in two short broadly entertaining acts, but high on drama, action and testosterone."
- 4/5 stars Daily Review - Crikey

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