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  06 February, 2016

The first review for MOLLY is in. Have a read and see what you think!

"The bromance with Michael Gudinski (Aaron Glenane) is hilarious and typifies the larrikin streak through the whole production."
"Johnson morphs into Molly from the get-go. The similarity is uncanny, and not just visually, but never moves into parody. That was crucial for Molly to work. The same way Eric Bana channelled Chopper Read and had you instantly transfixed, Johnson’s loving recreation of Molly anchors the entire mini-series. Which is lucky, because he’s in virtually every single scene.
Johnson perfectly captures Meldrum's everyman quality, the one that continues to endear him to the nation.
They've shoehorned plenty in to the first instalment — they could have easily have made this a three-part series without padding. That's how you know you’ve got the right subject for a miniseries.
And while the first episode is all about the '70s, it begins, a little awkwardly, with his 2011 fall from the roof. The graphic thud as his head hits the floor will have people shuddering in loungerooms across Australia.
In its heyday, Countdown was seen by a remarkable three million people on a Sunday night. Split Enz (who pop up in the Countdown cafeteria) once sang about history never repeating. But don’t be too surprised if Countdown, via Molly, hits those magical figures again, 40 years on."

- Cameron Adams -

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