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  20 Febr 2018

It's one of the most anticipated series of the year and Picnic At Hanging Rock has not disappointed audiences it's Berlin Film Festival world premiere. Playing to a sold out 850 seat theatre, the series received a standing ovation with the brilliant Larysa Kondracki (director), Natalie Dormer (Mrs. Appleyard), Lily Sullivan (Miranda Reid), Ruby Rees (Edith Horton), Lola Bessis (Mademoiselle Poitiers) and Harrison Gilbertson (Michael Fitzhubert) in attendance. I'm absolutely thrilled to be bringing you Reginald Lumley alongside the incomparable Yael Stone in this ground breaking and very special series coming to Foxtel May 6th.

"This new version, is a simmering nightmare drenched in lush color, energetically shot with a propensity for psychologically unsettling Dutch angles, and powered by a surging contemporary score."

“There’s magic to this. It feels like the spirit of Joan Lindsay is with us. There is something transcendental. That’s what Larysa created – a touch of fairy dust.” - Natalie Dormer

"This is a crazier, full throttle, more literally colourful dream, brightness and contrast cranked through the roof...And hot damn, the show looks amazing. It’s a blast to watch it teeter on the brink between atmospheric excellence and stylistic overkill." - Luke Buckmaster

"FROM the dazzling, colour-saturated first frame of Foxtel’s ambitious reimagining of Picnic At Hanging Rock, this original, world-class production is quite literally, gold. This remarkable six-part TV drama takes extraordinary risks — from experimental camera angles and a soaring soundtrack, to costumes and cinematic styling that, at times, takes the viewer down the rabbit hole, Alice In Wonderland style." - Holly Byrnes